JGC-S Scholarship Foundation was founded in 1968 based on personal heritage of Mr. Masao Saneyoshi who was a founder and the first president of JGC Corporation (*1). Most of the donated assets were stocks of JGC Corporation. Therefore, JGC-S Scholarship Foundation is run by these dividends of stocks.

Mr. Saneyoshi strongly hoped to contribute to the development of science and technology and foster of engineers or researchers in Japan by providing his own asset while presiding over the engineering business for a long period of 40 years. Taking over his will, JGC-S Scholarship Foundation is providing scholarships for students majoring in science and technology and grants for young researcher.

Fifty years already have passed since the establishment, but JGC-S Scholarship Foundation has lent or provided scholarships to 18,000 Japanese students and 5,800 international students from abroad. Also, we have provided research grants for 1,700 young researchers.

JGC Corporation was established in 1928. JGC has contributed to the development of the global economy and society as a world-class engineering company by accomplishing more than 20,000 plant construction projects in 70 countries.Specifically, JGC is engaged in design, procurement, construction and project management of factories and various equipment such as petroleum refining, petrochemical, liquefied natural gas (LNG), pharmaceuticals, etc.