Supporting private self-financed international students in science and engineering


JGC-S Scholarship Foundation was founded in 1968 based on personal heritage of Mr. Masao Saneyoshi who was a founder and the first president of JGC Corporation (*1). Most of the donated assets were stocks of JGC Corporation. Therefore, JGC-S Scholarship Foundation is run by these dividends of stocks.

Mr. Saneyoshi strongly hoped to contribute to the development of science and technology and foster of engineers or researchers in Japan by providing his own asset while presiding over the engineering business for a long period of 40 years. Taking over his will, JGC-S Scholarship Foundation is providing scholarships for students majoring in science and technology and grants for young researcher.

Fifty years already have passed since the establishment, but JGC-S Scholarship Foundation has lent or provided scholarships to 18,000 Japanese students and 5,800 international students from abroad. Also, we have provided research grants for 1,700 young researchers.

JGC Corporation was established in 1928. JGC has contributed to the development of the global economy and society as a world-class engineering company by accomplishing more than 20,000 plant construction projects in 70 countries.Specifically, JGC is engaged in design, procurement, construction and project management of factories and various equipment such as petroleum refining, petrochemical, liquefied natural gas (LNG), pharmaceuticals, etc.


1968 Saneyoshi Scholarship Foundation was established.
Scholarship for Japanese student (loan program) begins.
Research grant program begins.
1978 Scholarship for international student (grant program) begins.
2007 Overseas travel expense aid program was ended.
Research grant program was expanded.
The name was changed to JGC-S Scholarship Foundation.
2009 Scholarship for Japanese graduate student (grant program) begins.
2011 JGCS begins as a Prime Minister-authorized, Public interest incorporated foundation.
Scholarship for Japanese undergraduate student (grant program) begins
Loan program suspends acceptance of new applicant
2017 Scholarship for international student (grant program) was re-organized.
Scholarship for Japanese students to study abroad (grant program) begins


Please note that you cannot directly apply to JGC-S Scholarship Foundation. Please consult the department in charge of the university.


This program aims to support international students to achieve the goal of study in Japan and to develop human resources who can contribute to society in the future

Eligibility of Application

Scholarship amount

300,000 yen / year

Application period

We recruit every year from April to November. Please contact the department in charge of the designated university for detail.

Application method

Please apply using the designated application form via the department in charge of the university. Due to the selection process at the university, the applicant cannot apply directly to the foundation. Details will be notified to the department in charge of the designated university.


Akita University, Chiba Institute of Technology, Chiba University, Chuo University, Doshisha University, Ehime University, Gakushuin University, Gifu University, Gunma University, Hiroshima University, Hokkaido University, Ibaraki University, Iwate University, Japan Women's University, Kagoshima University , Kanazawa University, Kanto University, Keio University , Kitami Institute of Technology, Kobe University, Kogakuin University, Kumamoto University, Kyoto University, Kyushu Institute of Technology, Kyushu University, Meiji University, Muroran Institute of Technology, Nagasaki University , Nagoya Institute of Technology, Nagoya University , Nihon University , Niigata University , Ochanomizu University, Oita University, Okayama University, Osaka University, Osaka Metropolitan University, Ritsumeikan University, Saga University, Saitama University, Seikei University, Shibaura Institute of Technology, Shinshu University, Shizuoka University, Sophia University, The University of Electro-Communications, Tokushima University , The University of Tokyo, Tokai University, Tokyo city University, Tokyo Denki University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Tech., Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, Tokyo University of Science, Tohoku University, Tottori University, Toyohashi University of Technology, University of Fukui, University of Hyogo, University of Miyazaki, University of The Ryukyus, University of Toyama, University of Tsukuba, University of Yamanashi, Utsunomiya University, Yamagata University, Yamaguchi University, Yokohama National University, Waseda University


Q. I would like to apply, how do I apply?
Q. Can I apply directly to the Foundation?
Q. Are there any restrictions on the country of origin or nationality, age?
Q. Is it possible to apply for government-sponsored and government-sponsored international students?
Q. My family is in Japan. Can I apply?
Q. Can I apply for other visas instead of study abroad visas?
Q. When is the scholarship application period?
Q. Is my school in a designated school?
Q. I am a medical/dentistry/pharmaceutical student. Can I apply?
Q. I have already received (will be) a scholarship other than the JGCS Scholarship. Can I apply?
Q. Can I apply even if I have a tuition exemption?
Q. Can research students or auditors also apply?
Q. I enrolled in October, but is there eligibility to apply?
Q. I have previously been granted scholarship by JGCS. Can I reapply?
Q. Can I create application documents such as application forms on a PC?
Q. Japanese is inconvenient. Can I fill out the application form in English?
Q. Are there any other documents to be submitted in addition to " Scholarship Application Form" when applying?
Q. Does the photo attached to the application form have to be a photo for identification?
Q. Do you have an interview?
Q. When will the selection process take place?
Q. How are scholarships provided?
Q. Are there any restrictions on the use of scholarships?
Q. When do I have to return my scholarship?



Based on the purpose of the the Personal Information Protection Law, the JGC-S Scholarship Foundation will endeavor to protect personal information as follows.
For inquiries regarding the personal information held by the Society, please contact

(Scholarship business)Personal information obtained by the Society by applying for a scholarship will be used only for the work necessary for the scholarship business such as selection, benefits, and collection.